Impeachment - A tool of final resort

Impeachment | A Tool of Final Resort

The White House is up for bid. The Senate and House are underpowered to impose either change or progress.

First amendment rights are being tested.

Politics have evolved to become particularly destructive in short periods.

Progress made over multiple administrations can be undone and reversed in a fraction of the time taken to create the progress.

Citizens are asked to remain complacent while public servants cow toe the party line and cater to special interest groups and political action committees.

The ultimate tool available to the people is impeachment.

Former President Bill Clinton was impeached. However, the effort was largely symbolic and failed to change Presidential behavior or improve the reputation for the leader of the free world.

When implemented, impeachment must be methodical, systemic and directed to specific objectives.

Impeachment is not to be casually approached or used in a cavalier style. Such an effort should be kicked off with shock and awe. Once an impeachment effort begins, it must progressively grow with increased citizen support and determination.

Hillary Clinton acts as a devisive figure polorizing our great country into a devided states of America. Hillary will clearly become the next President of the United States in November of 2008. She retains far more money, the most influential political advisors, an extraordinarily strong Washington network, the alliances of her husband the former President, and the support of an alarmingly high number of special interest groups and political action committees. Bill Richardson's run for President is nothing more than to serve his self interest and need for public recognition. John Edwards is little more than a spoiler to Hillary and is quite comfortable implementing a scorched earth policy typical of a former trial lawyer. Brack Obama is not credible and popular only as an alternative to the establishment. Both Edwards and Obama are potsy's in the 2008 Presidential election process.

While Hillary is clearly a product of the Washington establishment and a lighting rod, she deserves the opportunity to prove herself, fulfill her campaign promises and reunite the people of our great country. I and all other Americans shall be the beneficiaries of her gains and I wish her well.

Good luck Hillary. I intend to give you the benefit of doubts and will support your efforts in some manor. Please do us all proud.


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